Gear Up To Vote highlights video

May 30, 2017

Here's a short video highlighting the work of so many League members across the state. Read More

Civility Shines in Door County

October 19, 2016

–By Andrea Kaminski–
The Gear Up to Vote minivan and our crew of state staff and local volunteers were warmly welcomed at Southern Door High School on October 12 for both a High School registration drive and later than evening a candidate forum. Read More

Applefest: More than Apples

October 17, 2016

–By Erin Grunze–

Applefest is a special community event that felt unifying and hopeful.
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UW Eau Claire Student Government Steps Up to Gear Up

October 14, 2016

–By Erin Grunze–
For many of college students, this will be the first election they get to vote to chose their President. They will vote and they’re bringing their friends. Read More

LaCrosse kicks off a week of voter registration with Gear Up To Vote!

October 10, 2016

–By Erin Grunze–

This Gear Up to Vote stop was the first for a full week of registration drives organized by the LaCrosse Area League of Women Voters in coordination with the UWL student government. I'm thrilled to have been able to see this in action at UW LaCrosse, my alma mater. Read More

Hodags want to vote!

October 8, 2016

-By Alexandra Graff-
The Gear Up van headed up to farmer’s markets in Minocqua and Rhinelander. We talked to voters and many told us they were on their way to their clerk’s office to register! Read More

Ripon is Ready!

October 4, 2016

–By Erin Grunze–
The stop at Ripon College is another fine example of how to effectively reach voters when students, League, campus and the City Clerk work together. Read More

It takes a team with a mascot to Gear Up to Vote at UWP

October 2, 2016

–By Erin Grunze–
Pioneer Pete rallied students as they passed by to come on over to the registration table we had set up outside the Union at UW Platteville . Pete helped us draw attention in the best way he could – by miming about voting. Read More

Early Voting Has Begun

October 1, 2016

-By Andrea Kaminski and Alexandra Graff-
At the end of the day, we registered a total of 53 voters from Edgewood High School and College. Many of them will be first time voters. It’s great to help them to be prepared for November’s Election.
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UWO gets Geared Up!

September 30, 2016

–By Andrea Kaminski–
I was so impressed by how well the operation was organized by LWV Winnebago County and our campus host, OSA. Read More

National Voter Registration Day - Sept 27

September 27, 2016

Today is National Voter Registration Day. And there's something special about that in Wisconsin…Read More

¡Viva Mexico! Vamos a votar.

September 25, 2016

–By Alexandra Graff–

A huge thank you to Lupita & Luis for this invitation. It was such an amazing event and we are so happy we got to connect with so many new people.

Muchas, muchas gracias a Lupita y Luis para esta invitación. Era un evento fantastic. Estamos muy feliz que tuvimos la opertunidad para conocer tanta neuva gente! Read More

Milwaukee and Janesville Photo Video

September 24, 2016

Watch the photo video of our stops in Janesville and Milwaukee. Great community events! Read More

Grantoberfest in Grantsburg, WI - Welcoming Autumn

September 22, 2016

–By Andrea Kaminski–
Grantoberfest welcomes autumn in a fun, festive way for the whole family. Autumn brings the change in seasons and brings us closer to Election Day. Read More

You never know who you'll meet when touring Wisconsin

September 21, 2016

–By Andrea Kaminski–

Gear Up to Vote meets Suffragists in Viroqua, WI. Read More

Tour Recap: Halfway and lots to go

September 20, 2016

It’s clear that the League is a respected local player that gets things done, and our members are well known for their contributions to their communities. Read More

In Stevens Point folks wanted to know "Who are you voting for?"

September 15, 2016

-by Alexandra Graff-

People want to know and we get asked often, “Who are you going to vote for?”Read More

A Grand Affair in Wisconsin Rapids

September 12, 2016

–By Andrea Kaminski–

It was great to see how the League members and others in the community knew one another well and enjoyed being together for this annual, late summer event. Read More

Our summer Interns: Katherine and Sigal

September 6, 2016

The staff would like to thank Katherine and Sigal for all their work this summer for the LWV WI state office. Read More

Blackhawk Technical College - Staying until the end

September 4, 2016

–By Erin Grunze–

So much great outreach in one day at Blackhawk Technical College in Janesville - Leaguers close the event staying longer to register one more voter and students become inspired to engage with their democracy beyond voting. Find out how…Read More

West Fest - Rainy doesn't stop us

September 1, 2016

–By Katherine Kerwin–

It's great to see so many parents bringing their children by the League and City Clerk’s table to teach their little ones how important it is to register to vote. Read More

At Beloit College we registered 70 voters!

August 29, 2016

–By Alexandra Graff–

The most common question asked on this tour stop was: “If I changed dorms do I have to re-register to vote?”
The answer: YES!
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Green Bay, WI - Farmers Market

August 27, 2016

– By Erin Grunze –

While working on voter education and outreach, we get to interact with all types of voters. Read More


August 18, 2016

–by Erin Grunze–

It becomes more obvious to me as this project continues how much this is a team effort. Read More

Mile of Music in Appleton

August 16, 2016

–by Alexandra Graff–

We set up shop and started talking to volunteers, artists and concert goers about voting all the while having a background of live music. Read More

Gear Up to Vote Video Highlights from our July tour stops

August 11, 2016

Watch a brief, fun video of our first tour stops in July. We'll make more videos from our events and post them to the blog. Check back! Read More

Milwaukee District 3 National Night Out

August 5, 2016

–By Alexandra Graff–

On Tuesday our fantastic intern Katherine and I headed to Milwaukee’s district 3 police Department for National Night Out.
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National Night Out - Janesville Style

August 4, 2016

–By Katherine Kerwin–

What a trip it was! In Janesville we experienced National Night Out which focuses on bringing community together. Read More

Farmers Markets in Manitowoc & Two Rivers

July 31, 2016

-By Andrea Kaminski-

What a great day at the farmers markets in Manitowoc and Two Rivers on Saturday, July 31! The weather was perfect, and we got to greet shoppers with information about voting. Madison volunteer Tom Poppe and I hit the road at 5AM to get to Manitowoc in time for the market to open, and four enthusiastic members of the Manitowoc County LWV were there to welcome us and help answer voter questions and distribute information. Read More

The Gear Up Wheels get geared up with Wi-Fi

July 27, 2016

–By Erin Grunze–

I am moved by the display of this spirit by the members of the League of Women Voters. The commitment and perseverance of each member to ensure all voters get to the polls and have a positive voting experience is inspiring. Read More

Whitewater’s city Market: New voters & new ID rulings

July 20, 2016

-By Alexandra Graff-

Yesterday the Gear Up van headed to Whitewater’s City Market to register voters and hand out. Board member Melanie Ramey and I drove the van out for its maiden voyage. By the time we arrived the fantastic Whitewater League members had secured the van a prime spot at the market entrance and were revved up to start tabling.
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Canvassing in the Prairie Hills neighborhood

July 19, 2016

-By Alexandra Graff-
On Monday the Dane County League organized the 1st event of the Gear Up to Vote tour, a neighborhood canvass to pass out voting information and register voters.
It was our 1st event I was excited to get out there and spread information about voting and voting ID!
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The Gear Up to Vote Tour Has Kicked Off!

July 18, 2016

–By Andrea Kaminski–
Our Gear Up to Vote kick off was a huge success, over 40 people came and heard about our plans to travel across the state education and registering voters. Additionally, we were able to hear speeches from many great allies and unveil the big surprise, a van with our logo that will be our mode of transportation as we begin our journey across the state. Read More

Gear up to vote kickoff

July 1, 2016

July 18th is the big day! Join us at the Madison Senior Center at 10 AM to unveil the van and later in the Prairie Hills neighborhood for our 1st event. Read More

Revving Up

June 1, 2016

Gear Up to Vote is revving up!
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