At Beloit College we registered 70 voters!

August 29, 2016

–By Alexandra Graff–

Friday was a great day for voter registration! The Gear Up van headed to Beloit College to register voters and answer questions. At lunchtime students ran by between lunch and class to grab registration forms, promising to return and register. Many with a little more time on their hands and were able to register. Some students swung by just to ask great questions about voting. And we heard a few admiring comments about our cool van.

The most common question asked on this tour stop was: “If I changed dorms do I have to re-register to vote?”
The answer: YES!
If you have moved, even to a new dorm or apartment, you need to re-register to vote. And fortunately we had a great team from the League of Women Voters Beloit who were at the event to get these voters re-registered. Now they’re all set to vote in the November election.

Later that day we set up our table again at Beloit College for their Community Fair. Many students who promised to come back and register did! All in all we registered 70 voters! Some of them will be first time voters. How exciting!