Canvassing in the Prairie Hills neighborhood

July 19, 2016

-By Alexandra Graff-
On Monday the Dane County League organized the 1st event of the Gear Up to Vote tour, a neighborhood canvass to pass out voting information and register voters.
It was our 1st event I was excited to get out there and spread information about voting and voting ID!
Prairie Hills Neighborhood Association president, and Dane County League member, Gloria Meyer provided neighborhood maps. Last week she went around and identified homes where people wanted to register as well as homes where people needed voting information in Spanish.
I went with a team 2 Special Registration Deputies to focus on Spanish speaking houses. I handed out Spanish materials about voter ID requirements, how to obtain a free voter ID and a quick reference sheet with voting resources in Spanish. One of the people I spoke with a pastor who was leading a neighborhood children’s bible study. He asked if he could put some of our resources in his church. “Of course!” I replied.
The awesome volunteers canvassed about 150 homes in 2 hours. All in all 7 voters were registered and many people learned about a change in their polling place.
What a great way to kick off the tour!