Green Bay, WI - Farmers Market

August 27, 2016

– By Erin Grunze –

The day started out stormy, but the bad weather passed and people filled Broadway St in Green Bay for the Farmers Market. The street was packed and it seems that everyone comes out to socialize and buy local products and produce at the Market. The League of Women Voters of Greater Green Bay were there in force to register and educate voters. CJ, an Independent Special Registration Deputy, joined us as well to register voters and share some tips for efficiently completing registrations. CJ's knowledge is vast and we're fortunate for her to share so much with voters and Leaguers.

I find people's reactions to our table and volunteers interesting. While working on voter education and outreach, we get to interact with all types of voters. Green Bay had a great mix of voter types. Such as the millennial voter who insisted that his generation gets a bad rap and proudly declares “I’m gonna to vote!” The seasonal voter who has been voting for over 40 years. He gives us a thumbs up that he's got it all covered. The occasional voter wondering if her registration is still on file. (And YES! We can help with that.) The excited new voter who is ready to register and beams with pride. The reluctant new voter whose Mom is making him register. The voter who explains to us that she votes to prove a point. The voter who votes to fulfill an obligation. The angry voter who has many opinions and makes them loudly. The hopeful voter who claps and can't wait for election day. The whispering voter (who didn’t want his wife to hear that he was talking politics). The paranoid voter. The patriotic voter. The get-it-over-with voter. The just-been-meaning-to-but-haven't-yet-voted voter. The voter whose grandma wasn't allowed by law to vote and knows the importance of casting a ballot in every election.

We see all types of voters. And we welcome all types of voters. What's important to the League is that they are voters. They get informed. Get registered. And get to the polls. Good thing the members of the Green Bay League are there to make this happen.