In Stevens Point folks wanted to know "Who are you voting for?"

September 15, 2016

-by Alexandra Graff-

Last Tuesday I drove the the van to Steven’s Point to help register students at UWSP & Mid-Sate Technical College. It's energizing to talk with students about voting and answering their questions. League members are so knowledgeable and keeping up with current law changes about registering and voting over the past few years in Wisconsin isn't easy. But Leaguers know their stuff. A huge thank you to the Stevens Point League volunteers for their time to reach many students at both schools in the Stevens Point area. Over the course of 5 hours we talked with hundreds of students about registration, early voting and how to obtain an absentee ballot.

One question I often get asked is, “Who are you voting for?” Of course I'm going to vote and I have my own political thoughts and opinions. But when I'm representing the League, as I am out on these tour stops, I do not give my answer. The league never supports or opposes any candidate or party. Our mission is to make sure all eligible voters have unobstructed and fair access to the polls. I tell people that I'm not interested in who they vote for, but that they are ready to vote and informed. While each Leaguer may have their opinion, when representing the league they are completely non partisan.