Our summer Interns: Katherine and Sigal

September 6, 2016

The staff would like to thank Sigal and Katherine for all their work this summer for the state office. We gave them many tasks and projects and they did a fantastic job specifically for social media and our websites. Katherine has been able to go on the Gear Up to Vote tour and assist with Vote411. Sigal has created infographics and designed posters. Their help is worth more than a mention in a post, but we wanted to publicly acknowledge all their efforts this summer. They have been told often that we were able to get more done this summer with their help on these projects. Their work is appreciated by the staff, LWV members across the state, and WI voters.

They brought energy and enthusiasm for the League projects they helped with this summer. Sigal heads back to high school to complete her Senior year and we wish her much success. And we are fortunate to have Katherine, a Sophmore at UW, stay on with us through the election. Katherine's work on these projects and more will continue and we are so happy to have her for the next few weeks that will fly by to Election Day. Glad Kathrine will be aboard.

Sincere thanks to Sigal and Katherine! Best to you both in all your future endeavors.