It takes a team with a mascot to Gear Up to Vote at UWP

October 2, 2016

–By Erin Grunze–
Our office was excited about the opportunity to go to UW Platteville when asked by faculty and staff to bring the Gear Up to Vote van. While there are members at-large in the Platteville area, there is no local League in Platteville. Yet dedicated faculty and staff were determined to help UWP students get registered and prepared to vote. Amy and Becca contacted us and coordinated all the logistics. Linda and Kathy joined the team as certified SRDs. Professor Travis allowed his students to leave class early to go to the registration table to register to vote. And Pioneer Pete rallied students as they passed by to come on over to the registration table. Pete helped us draw attention in the best way he could – by miming about voting. Even though he can’t talk (as is true of all mascots - they really take the no talking seriously).

Students asked great questions about changing addresses and re-resgistering to vote. We also had questions from students from Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois who all wanted to know about how to establish residence in Wisconsin or how to vote back home. It's great to know that voting is on their minds and they are determined to vote in one place or the other.

The Gear Up To Vote event kicked off registration drives for the upcoming weeks that will be held at the Student Union and Resident Halls. Students were in the process of getting deputized so they could also register their peers. I’m confident that the team here at UWP will reach many students in the next few weeks so that come election day more students will be able to vote without standing in lines too long. It’s nice to have such committed faculty and staff (and mascots) working on behalf of students.