LaCrosse kicks off a week of voter registration with Gear Up To Vote!

October 10, 2016

–By Erin Grunze–

UW LaCrosse is my alma mater. I was excited to travel back to see the campus and interact with the students and members of the LaCrosse Area League of Women Voters as well as a visit with a few key personnel still on staff at UWL that make this campus shine. From Madison, I drove through dense fog and every so often with a break in the fog, I could see the changing colors in the trees gleaming in the sunshine. It was a beautiful site and reminded me of my days on campus at UWL. When I arrived to campus, Anita excitingly greeted me and we set up our display outside of the student union, Cartwright Center. While Cartwright had been updated, it had a recognizable feel with all the hurriedness of student activity.

This Gear Up to Vote stop was the first for a full week of registration drives organized by the LaCrosse Area League in coordination with the student government. Between classes the foot traffic was the busiest as you would expect. The team of Special Registration Deputies (SRDs) were stationed just inside the Union to register students to vote. With the van and table just outside the door, I greeted many students and directed them to the registration tables. As at previous stops on campuses, students asked me about out of state IDs and needing to register again if they moved. The LaCrosse League had already held registration drives on campus with student SRDs and their work showed. Students smiled when walking by announcing that they already registered to vote in the weeks before today. This was great news! And Peter, the LaCrosse League president, mentioned that the League had begun to do more registration drives and get information to students at WTCT and Viterbo College.

The League and student groups have a busy schedule in the next week. As with other Leagues around the state, they are making great efforts to assist students prior to Election Day. I'm thrilled to have been able to see this in action at UWL. And glad there were so many engaged students ready for Election Day.