Mile of Music in Appleton

August 16, 2016

–by Alexandra Graff–

On August 4th the Gear Up van headed up to Appleton for their annual Mile of Music. Such an amazing event for musicians and lovers of live music. During the long weekend there are over 800 performances by artists from across the county.

When I arrived I was met by two great volunteers who got the van a spot right outside of registration! We set up shop and started talking to volunteers, artists and concert goers about voting all the while having a background of live music. We were able to remind people about the August 9th primary. An election that isn't on a lot of voters radars. So it was nice to get out the word about the election.

Best of all, Appleton Leaguers were able to assist 7 people register to vote! One individual was an incoming high school senior who will be 18 on his birthday in October which makes him eligible to register now. He is so excited to vote in his first election. And his registration serves as a good reminder –

High Schoolers: if you will be 18 by November 8th you can vote in the upcoming election. Register today!