National Night Out - Janesville Style

August 4, 2016

–By Katherine Kerwin–

The Gear Up To Vote Tour made it all the way from Madison to Milwaukee and then Milwaukee to Janesville (and back to Madison) on Tuesday August 2nd. And what a trip it was! In Janesville we experienced National Night Out which focuses on bringing community together. A staple for the League of Women Voters is to be involved beyond voting and engage in our communities. Voting is one important way to make our voice heard, but also working together to make our communities safer, friendlier, and and stronger. It was a joy to talk to Janesville voters about the importance of exercising our right to vote and how to register to vote before Tuesday's primary. There was a sea of vendors, free food, and music for everyone to enjoy. Thanks so much for hosting us Janesville! It was great to be there, and don't forget to gear up to vote!