August 18, 2016

–by Erin Grunze–

It becomes more obvious to me as this project continues how much this is a team effort. In order to get voters registered, understand the election laws, and properly inform voters you need teamwork. This was wonderfully demonstrated most recently by the members of the League of Women Voters of Ozaukee County who joined me on an extra tour stop in Grafton at a Senior Picnic hosted by the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Ozaukee County.
We worked in tandem to connect with over 200 senior voters that afternoon. We answered questions about polling location, absentee voting, and photo ID. Plus we were able to assist people in registering to vote for the November 8th election. If I would have brought the van and set up a table myself, I would not have been able to directly assist as many people as we did having the Ozaukee Leaguers there. The local league members are experts on voting in their communities. They are an incredible resource! I'm glad to be part of the team.