The Gear Up Wheels get geared up with Wi-Fi

July 27, 2016

–By Erin Grunze–

Our own resident “Doc Brown” aka Tom Kaminski has designed a Wireless Cellular Station (Wi-Fi Hot Spot) for our Gear Up to Vote Van. Now we can access the internet from the road (though not when driving) while on our tour stops.

This is part of what makes the League of Women Voters an admirable organization. Many people, like Tom, contribute their time, resources and talents to the League's work. In my few months on staff, I have witnessed this spirit many times over. The spirit of giving and sharing. The spirit of many hands contributing to pull off big projects. The spirit of collaboration and teamwork. The spirit of chipping in and supporting each other. I am moved by the display of this spirit by the members of the League of Women Voters. The commitment and perseverance of each member to ensure all voters get to the polls and have a positive voting experience is inspiring.

With voter registration moving to an online system in Wisconsin, it’s great to add this feature and know we can make use of it in the future at our registration events. Now, at the Gear Up to Vote stops we can look up voters’ information and tell them about whether or not they are registered, where their polling place is, and who is on their ballot. This gives us more opportunities to interact with voters and provide them valuable voter information. Which we hope this will lead to more people voting and engaging in their democracy.

Join us on tour or join a local league. You have skills and talents we can use. Our engineer-professor-pun provider, Tom, is just one of many good examples of this and we greatly appreciate his and all our members' contributions.