Tour Recap: Halfway and lots to go

September 20, 2016

The League’s Gear Up to Vote minivan tour has been energizing for our state staff and local volunteers. It’s been great to partner with our local Leagues on events around the state and see our local League members in their communities. It’s clear that the League is a respected local player that gets things done, and our members are well known for their contributions to their communities. Will you chip in and help the League reach, register, and inform more voters?

During our 8 weeks on the roads of Wisconsin driving from Beloit to Green Bay, Milwaukee to Grantsburg, we have many accomplishments to note:

• We’ve helped people be ID-ready when they vote.
• We’ve provided voters with materials to make informed decisions.
• We’ve registered voters.
• We’ve answered questions about changing laws and polling site locations.
• We’ve assisted those who are helping elderly parents receive an absentee ballot by mail.
• We’ve motivated students on campus to become Special Registration Deputies to register more of their peers.
• We’ve highlighted the ongoing voter service work of our local Leagues and boosted their visibility.
• We’ve explained voting procedures and what to expect at the polls for voters with a disability.
• We’ve consulted with parents who want their sons and daughters to register to vote but haven’t convinced them yet that their vote matters.

We have many tour stops and events to go. The November election is just 7 weeks away. Your contribution helps our van reach more voters in more places. Your dollars make a real difference, directly , to communities across the state and to voters who want to make their voice heard.

The van runs on a strong commitment to Get Out the Vote, but it also needs gas. Help our efforts to reach voters across Wisconsin with a contribution to support the Gear Up to Vote tour.