UW Eau Claire Student Government Steps Up to Gear Up

October 14, 2016

–By Erin Grunze–

The Student Body President of the UW Eau Claire, Ashley Sukhu, contacted Gear Up To Vote through our mutual partner, Jacquelyn Moss with Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP). Ashley wanted to bring more attention to the registration drives they host on campus. This is one of the objectives of what Geared Up was designed to do. On that beautiful autumn day as we called to students passing by our registration table, the Student Senators deputized to be special registrars had an extra advantage in knowing each other. They called out teammates, fraternity brothers, friends, and classmates to come and get registered. And so while at UWEC for four hours, Gear Up To Vote and the Student Senators registered about 90 voters! Pretty good day. With registration drives planned for the next week at the student union and resident halls, the student government was sure to reach many students living on and off campus to get registered and ready to vote.

The students at UWEC are another positive example of students and young millennials getting involved in their democracy. For many of them, this will be the first election they get to vote to chose their US President. And many take this responsibility with a gravity that not many older adults give them credit for having. They took it upon themselves to get the training to be Special Registration Deputies from their city clerk. They take this role seriously as they pour over the registration forms to make sure they are correct and complete. They are informed. They want to see the issues that matter to them get attention and action taken. They want to be part of those solutions. They get it. They’re at the intersection of being idealistic and realistic. As one student repeated often during the registration drive when asked how's he doing, he’d reply, “Living the dream.” They understand their situation and their place in the world. They will vote and they’re bringing their friends.