Whitewater’s city Market: New voters & new ID rulings

July 20, 2016

-By Alexandra Graff-

Yesterday the Gear Up van headed to Whitewater’s City Market to register voters and hand out. Board member Melanie Ramey and I drove the van out for its maiden voyage. By the time we arrived the fantastic Whitewater League members had secured the van a prime spot at the market entrance and were revved up to start tabling.

As we were setting our our materials Erin from the state office found out about the federal judge’s ruling stating that citizens who have trouble obtaining identification under Wisconsin’s strict voter ID law will be able to vote by affidavit. It was exciting to discuss this step in the right direction with fellow league members!

After registering 4 voters (including 2 first time voters) and spreading the word about the upcoming August 9th primary we walked around and looked at the great market stalls. I snagged 12 of the freshest ears of corn I have ever tasted and a nice bag of cheese curds.

Thank you Whitewater League for hosting this awesome event!